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April 11, 2018

Cats are territorial animals. They value more a well-organized house, whose structure and furniture give them the possibility to play, climb and "show" their feline talents, than a wide space without furniture or hiding places.

  • The house should be organized in four distinct areas: the dining area, the hygiene zone, the rest area and also a play and relax area.
  • We must predict that a cat, as soon as it arrives at its new home, begins its relationship with the members of the family and to explore the surroundings. Curiosity is a characteristic of all cats! The new house presents itself as a world full of novelties.

Essential rules to make your home safe

  •  Try to use non-toxic products at home and in your garden. Caution: some common houseplants can be toxic to cats. Get Informed about the potential toxicity of the plants that you have at home and, if in doubt, place the plants in locations inaccessible to your cat.
  • If you don´t have the cleaning products and medicines in high places or cabinets this is the right time to do it.
  • Remove objects in unbalance, such as statues, which can be felled with a cramming.
  •  Keep trash safe and away.
  • Secure the power cables. Electrical wires should be fixed to the wall or hidden away from the reach of animals.
  • Look for the small spaces where the kitten can be hidden (for example, behind home appliances).
  • Always close the cabinet or places such as the washer/dryer clothing, making sure that the cat is not in the interior.
  • Close the doors to the exterior of the house, to prevent leaks.
  • Keep windows or balconies without protection closed.
When preparing the house for the arrival of your cat, you are simultaneously keeping it out of danger and preventing it from destroying your things. However, if on the one hand, you should keep the house free from dangers, on the other it should enrich the environment, to keep your cat entertained and stimulated. 

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